OMS always stands to its commitments. We treat our customers with utmost respect and our prompt services as earned us a huge reputation. We deliver goods much to the satisfaction of our clients.
The tamarind gathered by OMS is separated into Grades A & B according to its size and color.Grade B tamarind is used for current domestic purposes & Grade A tamarind is send for Cold Storage where the tamarind is maintained at 4-5 deg Celsius continuously in order to prevent it from losing color & also to prevent its quality from degrading.

The gathered tamarind after processing and packing by OMS when distributed in market are said to be of the very best quality available all around the world. We export seed tamarind without fibers better known as Defibered seed tamarind. 25 Kg packing is usually done having an inner layer of polythene coating which prevents it from outside air and moisture.Tamarind is mainly exported to Malaysia. After the LC is placed they could get the products within 10-12 days for our clients in Malaysia.
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